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Why Am I A Real Estate Agent?

This is ME!

Before becoming a real estate agent, I was a Customer Service-Sales Representative in the communications industry. My job was to handle all my clients’ needs starting as a resource to the Sales Department, working with the Sales representative to get the contract. Once the client signed on the dotted line; I was to maintain that account until they either expired or went to another company. I was responsible for everything. I really LOVED what I did, although nobody ever called me to tell me “everything was great and I just wanted to see what you were up to…”. Imagine how wonderful that would have been. Mostly, I fielded issues that were negative, but it was my job to make it a positive. I would work with global clients, worked around the clock and I really felt like I was making  a difference. I also learned so much…

Through out the 17 plus years in that business, I saw many reorganizations, lay-offs, mergers and total buy outs. I usually laid low and minded my own business, the dust would settle and SURPRISE! I was still employed. Those days were reasons to find a “Happy Hour”. Towards the end, things were not as fun as they were in the old days. The family atmosphere and energy was fading, but at least “It was not just an adventure; it was a JOB”. I was almost begging to be laid off, as long as my severance package was a minimum of 2-weeks for each year of employment (like I had control of this little detail..LOL!)

Then back in 2009, I, like so many others, that fateful day arrived and I had been laid off from my job of 17 plus years. I was devastated. I got over pretty quickly though, especially when I discovered that I was actually sleeping better, reconnecting with my daughter (who miraculously became a teenager overnight). This was going to be an opportunity to “Re-Invent” myself.  Looking very carefully at the current situation, I had to figure out what skills did I have? I am a good people person. I seem to be able to have everyone migrate to my desk for help. I was organized, I could fill out forms and spreadsheets like no one else I knew. Was this enough? Not really, the next question was a doozie….”If I had to get up and do something for at least eight hours, what would I enjoy doing?” I was NOT going to work somewhere just because. I really wanted to enjoy what I was doing. Then it came to me:

Houses! Houses! And even more houses!

That is right. All throughout my past, I was a real estate agent’s pest. On my days off, I would take the time to attend open houses, gawk at other people’s homes, check out their decor and to the dismay of the agent, I really was not interested in buying anything. I would pose as some one, who was looking for a home for my aging parents. I was never looking for myself. Secretly, I would critique the agents that I met and would play, If I were them, I would…..

It was at this point, I needed to make sure that I was making the right decision. I did some research on this field. I learned that all agents were independent contractors. I heard that an agent could go and pick out what firm was interesting to them, they could go, interview them and if it was not where they wanted to work, the agent could turn them down. What a concept?! I could also pick my own hours, or at least that is what I heard. Then there was the good pay, lots of creativity and a lot of freedom. I already knew how to sell things. I know I am a people person ( I think I said this already). What more could some one ask for in a job! It sounded so perfect. So off I went to Real Estate School….

This blog will now share with you my adventures in Real Estate and my life a working mom. I also hope to provide some insightful assistance if you are looking to buy or sell a home. Ultimately, I want this page to be fun, so please, please, please…Feedback is definitely a must.

Thank you all.


10 Responses to “Why Am I A Real Estate Agent?”

  1. I want to read more, I’m a mom of two, 13yr old girl and 9yr old boy. I am a new agent and could use all the advice and feedback to implement in my career as an Agent and Mom. Thanks Jamie Lynne.

    • Thanks Jamie for your post and I wanted you to know that I have not forgotten you. I have been pulled in many directions over the past few months, including my old Real Estate Firm selling out to another agency. I have been spending the last several months, working to rebuild my business, so time was very short. I also know how important building a network is and helping each other out, so now is the time to really be serious about getting this moving. Please stay tuned. I hope that you will like future posts. Please feel free to contact me with suggested topics. Thanks again.

  2. Lynda Halyburton says:

    Hi there,
    I am a mom to 2 boys, 4 & 6 years old. I’ve worked as an office manager for the past 25 years and i need a change. i’m considering real-estate because of the flexability in the hours and wanting to be there for my children as they grow. I understand that real-estate can take weekends away from you and you work most evenings – but if you are prepared for it and enjoy seeing houses – how bad could it really be? I was wondering if you could share some insight on the profession with pre-schoolers.
    I am contemplating on taking the class room course – any advice??

    • Lynda, I wish I had been alerted sooner that you had this question. Real Estate can be a very rewarding career, but it is also a lot of hard work. I also caution anyone interested in this field, it does not come cheap. After you take your classes, then you have to pay fees to get your license, pay for continuing education classes. Most people that I have spoken to across the country, must work for a large firm prior to being allowed to work independently. These firms have desk fees, or office fees and they will most likely take a percentage of your commissions either to pay those fees or in addition to those fees. You have to shop around. Even working for a large firm, I find you are still paying a lot towards marketing and your own business supplies. It can add up. Most agents maintain 2 jobs until they are well established as a full time real estate agent. Let me know what you decided to do.

  3. Fally says:

    Can I ask how your income changed? Aside from the hours and the ability to work from home, the financial benefits are important as well. That being said, I’m interested to know if this was a financial change for the better for you personally?

    • I am not sure why you would ask this particular question. As with any business, the more that you put into it, the more you get out of it. I personally do not have an issue with the way that I am compensated for my job. Perhaps you can enlighten me as to why you are curious? I do not appreciate people spamming my blog and your question is leaning towards one that appears or gives me that impression. Please inform me of your intent. Thank you.

  4. Cristina says:

    Hi there. I am currently working full time as an admin executive while my husband goes to school full time to receive his Masters in Christian Studies to be a pastor. So I am paying the bills right now. But, a desk job is not me, I am a sales person and an entrepreneur at heart. I have all sorts of experience working in different areas of RE. My question is, do you think it is feasible to work in Real Estate part time until my husband gets a full time ministry job? Thank you for your blog and any info. Thank you.

    • Cristina, The real estate business can be quite costly, so as long as you are completing enough transactions to pay the bills for your business and then some, then great! However, based on my personal experience so far, it has been challenging as an independent office or business to make a huge impact. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love what I do and I love helping people, but I am never going to make a million dollars doing this as a small real estate firm, but I have chosen this path. When you work for big firms, they make it easier to find buyers and sellers, but then you also have to pay them to work under their logo or use their name. This is how these large firms make their money. Find what ever venue works for you and make sure you follow all regulations, then you will be just fine.

  5. Millie says:

    I am very pleased to see this blog…I too have just started Real Estate school and contemplating a career change….Currently working in a local hospital….in the cardiac catherization department…coordinating patients..physicians and procedures…..Constantly on the phone…that is what I do in the secular world…I am also a licensed minister….praise and worship leader..teacher and preacher….I also founder of Ministerio Esparcir a missions based organization helping spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to Latin=American countries and Haitl my hearts desire is to help others ..the reason for going into real estate and the rewards are two fold in that I can supplement my husbands income and also create a positive cashflow which will also allow me to accomplish the above….whew!!

    • Millie, I am sorry for the long delay in getting back with you. I have been at an impasse with a co-workeer and so I have since ventured out and started my own real estate business. Please feel free to contact me back and let me know how things are going for you. Thanks for reading my blog. More to come I hope more frequently.

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