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Putting 2012 behind and Planning for Improved Real Estate Business in 2013

Well, 2012 brought me a lot of challenges in the Real Estate business, which begs me to think about planning and making serious improvements. The year started out well and then there was a huge bump in the road, which took me off my game. In the first part of 2012, I had good buyers and several listings, which gave me a sense of accomplishment and hope for another good year. (I was Top Producer for 2011 at my firm.) After working hard, selling like crazy, I was suddenly brought to a halt when the owners of the franchise I was working for decided to sell. I was completely taken aback. I entered real estate with the thought that I would have more controls over my working conditions. Prior to real estate, I worked in communications where mergers and lay-offs were the norm. While in communications, I lived in fear regularly, because I never knew when my last day would come. Choosing real estate gave me a false sense of security. I did not think that real estate firms were subject to closing or selling off the business. Well, guess what, they do go belly up, they do close their doors and the owners are also capable of selling off their business when they want to retire or do something completely different. What also surprised me was that the firm also kept all my listings and clients, because ultimately they own the contracts. I knew this could happen, but when it really did, I was still surprised. This all happened in July 2012.

With all this being said, I am so glad to say that I started working with James Piedad Realtors. Of course, I did interview with other firms and after meeting with several of them, I decided to go back to my Broker-In-charge, James and beg him to take me on under his own business. Well perhaps beg is a little strong, but I knew that I did not want to work with another huge firm. This tends to limit your flexibility and ability to work with clients as individuals. James was perhaps a little hesitant at first, but eventually, we came to an agreement. Since that time, we have built up our business with several listings and a few buyers. It has been a bit of a slow start, but now with 2013 here, it is time to dig in, make some changes and get to work. I will have to put all the drama of 2012 behind me and work smarter and harder in 2013. It is that simple. Ways in which I plan to improve my business:

Goals for 2013 at a very high level:

1. Get more listings
2. Follow up more with buyers
3. Promote myself both locally and online

a. Facebook
b. Local advertising
c. Circle of influence (family and friends)
d. Network more
e. Blog more and promote my knowledge
f. Build trust

4. Continue to increase my education in this business

I know how I am going to make 2013 a much better year than 2012, do you? What things will you do to put 2012 behind you and make 2013 a much better and prosperous New Year?


2 Responses to “Putting 2012 behind and Planning for Improved Real Estate Business in 2013”

  1. leslie whitney says:

    Hi – Like your blog, why are you not writing anymore?? I’m also a Mom in real estate and I think it’s a great topic. Hope all is well and you’re super successful in RE still… :)

    • Leslie, I have not been blogging as much only because I feel like I am not sure what topics interest the general public. The idea was that I would start this blog and hopefully people would start reading it, but the reach has been few and far between. Then things got busy, so it was easier to avoid blogging. I am finding that things are a little slower than they have been, so I might try to pick it up again. If you would like to know more about, let me know. I will do what I can to write about that topic.

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